“Who’s next? The Ultimate Fighting the Next Generation Series live.

Mortal Kombat X combines unique cinematic presentation with new gameplay. Players can choose one of the variants that affect the first character of the strategy and fighting style.

The first studies began to come out this time in Mortal Kombat X days. Mortal Kombat X, was the beginning with generally positive results.


Review Polygon publisher sites, Mortal Kombat X “one of the best game in the series.” While being fabricated, has been awarded 9 points. On the other hand, the Mortal Kombat Game Informer X is continuing the success of the previous game, the game mode added mentioned it was enjoyable.

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Genre: Action, Fighting, Games

Platform: PC

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Date: April 13, 2015


Players realistic content while intergalactic journey, and they jollify with strong space shuttles. Steam on March 27, will take place in the first game with strategic and political decisions seem to be famous with verdirt.

If you have an adventurous nature, I would love to discover new galaxies in the game



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Genre: Games, Strategy

Platform: PC

Size: 611.63 MB


Date: March 27, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V [Update 1, Cracker V2] (2015) Torrent

In the game, Michael, named Franklin and Trevor is available in three different characters. Each of the three characters in the game has different skills and strengths in different areas. GTA IV has entered the mobile phone series will take place in a slightly modified form in this series. Mobile phones will be used to connect to the internet more. GTA V will have more tools than previous series. The statistical properties of each character will be found. Stamina, endurance, speed, car driving, shooting and “special skills” such as statistics; Driving, running, shooting and so on. such activities will increase as you make.

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