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Lichdom Battlemage Update Hotfix [FLTDOX] Torrent


Lichdom Battlemage Update v2014.09.03.65773 Hotfix [FLTDOX] Torrent

Lichdom_Battlemage_Update_v2014.09.03.65773_Hotfix-FLTDOX | 467.3 MB

Update Notes: Changes made to the game code to address various crash issues: – A number of crash fixes – Adjustments to vsync options (if previously using, this will now be disabled by default). – Fix for Delirium pets sometimes preventing game progression in some areas. (Shax Door)


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Update 1 [RELOADED] Torrent

call of duty advanced warfare1

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Update 1 [RELOADED] Torrent

Call.of.Duty.Advanced.Warfare.Update.1-RELOADED | 133.26 MB


There is no detailed changelog available.
Update changes the exe version to v1.3.0.6297.


The Sims 4 Update v1.2.16.10 [RELOADED] Torrent

The Sims 4 _

The Sims 4 Update v1.2.16.10 [RELOADED] Torrent

The.Sims.4.Update.v1.2.16.10-RELOADED | 358.28 MB

Hey S(w)immers!

It’s time to go swimming! November, sunshine, swimming, splashing, the warmth of the su… well, we are international, so it’s sunny for some. Anyway, Pools are here! And your Sims are ready to jump in and splash around!

Jump into Create a Sim to customize your Swimwear!
Choose from the Styled Looks to quickly swim up your Sim; or choose the perfect one or two-piece bikini, swim trunks or budgie smugglers!
Top off your creation with a hat, some sandals, and a dab of sunscreen down the bridge of your nose, and you are ready to go!
Build out your pool in Build Mode by clicking on the Build tab, and the Pools image in the home portrait
You can place pre-fashioned pool blocks (triangle, square, diagonal, or octagon), or you can use the Pool Tool to draw your own pool.
Pools can be built on any floor of your home or venue.
Decorate and enhance your pool with pools lights, install a ladder, customize the wall and floor textures to your liking then plop down some decals or add some windows for that aquarium’esque experience!
Sims can enjoy the comforts of your newly built pool, whether they are socializing as they dangle their digits in the water, splashing the kids, or putting themselves out after being set on fire by an angry ghost who had died from a tragic poolside grilling accident.
Be wary of the hungry and fatigued, a moment too long in the pool has been known to cause a lack of living. The Reaper will gladly accept your pleas, though he may not always oblige them.

Build out your dream home (with pool included) or head to the Gallery to find the wondrous creations of your fellow S(w)immers , and spend the day with your Sims by the poolside!

In addition to releasing Pools in this update, we have also spent time fixing some bugs and continuing to enhance the game:

Our players have been instrumental in helping us track down the small eye, wide jaw issue that was interfering with some Sims as they aged up both in Live Mode and in Create a Sim. Working with the community, and our internal quality assurance group, we have reverted the tuning as Sims changed ages that resulted in a shrinking of the eyes, and a widening of the jaw. It is intentional that Sims change slightly as they age but the tuning we were using wasn’t performing as we expected as of yet. Thank you once again for your patience and diligence in helping us resolve this



The Evil Within Update 1 [CODEX] Torrent

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Update 1 [CODEX] Torrent

The.Evil.Within.Update.1-CODEX | 173.89 MB

Update 1:

– Frame lock settings added
– In settings, you can now toggle between a 30 FPS and 60 FPS cap.
– Letterbox setting
– UI toggle to disable the letterbox bars
– Fixes gameplay issues when running at >30 FPS
– Fixes for visual issues associated with removing letterbox framing
– Achievements now work when console is enabled
– Fix for game starting in windowed mode on first run
– Minor localization fixes


Borderlands The Pre Sequel Update v1.0.2 Incl DLC [RELOADED] Torrent

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Update v1.0.2 Incl DLC [RELOADED] Torrent
Borderlands.The.Pre.Sequel.Update.v1.0.2.Incl.DLC-RELOADED | 287.97 MB

Included DLCs:
* Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack

1.0.2 Patch Notes


* Adds support for upcoming downloadable content.

* Sound effects for the Boganella weapon will no longer overlap.

* Jack no longer stops moving in front of the vending machine during the "Lost Legion Invasion" mission.

* The "I Can Do This Alone" challenge will now properly update.

* Players will no longer spawn in areas that prevent them from advancing the story.

* Fixed an issue where Russian and Japanese users failed to join each other’s game.

* Fixed an issue where the Lost Legion Fighter and Crew failed to spawn. 


* Fixed various issues that caused players to be unable to complete the 
"Let's Build a Robot Army," "Science and Violence," "Home Sweet Home," 
and "Lost Legion Invasion" missions.